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Default Continued to practice the waltz jump

I got some help from the owner of East Lake Sating Center who is an art skater. Well at lest he used to be. I finally can lift the right knee high without the timidity I was experiencing. Still not always landing as I would like, but I don't have any more fear of making many attempts. Just a matter of practice now.

Of course, it doesn't look strenuous, but attempt after attempt makes you pretty tired.

When I first started my skating return I had no intention of jumping at all. That is until Ol' Larry somehow got the mistaken impression that I was going to try it and tried to talk me out of it. Thanks Larry, wherever you are.

Now I'm starting to think about a mapes. Perhaps it will take me another three year to get enough courage to do that one. But that one looks really cool, as it takes more floor to pull it off. I'm afraid of stabbing my toe stop on that one, so I don't even do a half-mapes yet.
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