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Smile Derrick it looks good. It hard to tell if there is any bad faults.

My home computer is not as good as my work so the video does not catch all the smooth motion, but it looks excellent.

As you know and I'm getting to know doing it on skates is a lot harder than off, so try to imagine when doing it off skates that you have 10 lbs of wt on your feet. That should change your attitude a little when jumping off skates.

If anything I think you will find when you land with skates on you are going to bend that left leg LOB a lot more on the landing. And consequently when you take off, the ROF knee will probably bend a lot more when you do it on skates.

Thanks for the video. I realize I will have to practice differently off skates than I do when jumping with them on. It's just a lot different and practicing off skates will help when I finally get the courage to perform the jump with skates on.


Larry O
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