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Smile You got the idea Derrick!

Derrick we donít want to make the jump harder than it is.

One of the worst things I can do or anybody is to get stiff when we jump. In reality the jump should be real relaxed.

When Iím practicing off skates I will step onto my right foot, then left foot, then throw the right leg forward for the waltz jump.

You say to jump out. Should I take a step or two on floor practice to get the feel of jumping out. Iím sure get a lot more height that way.

Yes, that is what Iím talking about. Some how the little step before the jump gets the body ready for the jump. The point is to be relaxed when you jump. Get the feeling of jumping into the air, the turn in the air and the landing. This very relaxed motion is what make the jump flow, become easy and have some continuity.

Did you know that the waltz jump is one of the most common setups for a Loop jump? (the loop is like a mapes but without the toe off and the free leg stays in front from takeoff to landing. The waltz then becomes the setup to get into position for the loop

I have been using the waltz jump as a intro to the mapes jump. It really helps.

Also last night, I was using the waltz jump as an intro to the loop jump, but there is something very weird happening there. Before I even land the waltz jump, Iím already jumping the loop jump. Actually the landing of the waltz jump and the take off for the loop happen almost instantaneously. If you wait to land the waltz jump, it will be too late to take off for the loop jump. Your timing will be off and you will never be able to do the loop jump. You have a very small window to get that perfect body position to take off from a waltz into a loop jump.

Some people also use three turns to get ready for the loop jump. So much of these jumps is being in the right position and your reflexes jumping at the right instant to get the jump off. That is why we practice off skates to try to get some feeling for the jump before you do it on skates.

Larry O and good luck!
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