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Default i heard this rumor

Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
My thoughts exactly. I want the Mirage to be a powerhouse. Overkill would be a better term. I don't want just enough to outrun a factory ride or factory fast production cars. Turbos are nice but I'm now thinking Procharger.
your crank has to be the highest quality forged unit.
those prochargers can snap the shaft where the h/ balancer normally goes.
theyre just a crank driven turbine.
i suppose if you havent the space behind the seats you can gilmer belt drive it.
That might save the crank some in one way but load it in another way.
yeah in a mid mount youde wanna avoid hair dryers as the heat would be crammed in, unless you ran long ram induction,thats not what id image youde want.too busy in the engine bay,
Car jack a dodge demon and strip it for parts
then all you need is a bellhousing adapter plate and bobs your uncle.
just kidding about the car jacking.
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