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Smile Dear Amohrfeld, no Doubt the Dance plate is nice,

But is it the right plate for David? David skates on a traditional Artistic Boot. I got a feeling many posters do not. David's skating on a Mistral and again, I think most people on this internet are not. David is skating on a special medium grip freestyle wheel, by Roll Line, most people are not at least it seems most people are not, who are responding to this post.

So, what David is worried about is spending thousands of dollars on a whim, in which he might not like the final result. Pretty Smart in my opinion.

I think it would be wrong to push David into a 500 dollar mistake.

Now, is there a different avenue which might give him the same result. Maybe a used pair of Synder Imperial skates?

Take Care and thanks for the posting. I learned a lot from you and everybody else. Cheers!

Larry O

P.S. Does anybody know why Douglas Synder designed the Synder Imperial skate? To give you the feeling of doing "Loop" figures on ice.
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