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I'm cracking up, because I guess there's not many beginners here! The reason I'm asking what people want to learn, is because I'm thinking about running a class. I spend about 90% of my time at the rink teaching, so I might as well run a class. Although I quad skate now, I mainly teach the kids slalom. The quad skaters usually want to learn how to rhythm skate, so that's what I work on with them. They still learn cones too!

A few years ago our local rink was owned by a nice couple that wouldn't allow cones. Local people didn't know that cone skating was a sport. The new owners allowed me to start setting up cones and teaching kids how to slalom. Now the kids have all turned into AMAZING skaters! Half of them are toe-gunning!!! It's drawing quite a crowd, and people want to get involved.

So that's why I'm asking. If I'm gonna teach an organized class, I'd love to hear any ideas that anyone has to make it go smooth. Thanks in advance.
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