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Default Hurdle is right.

Nearly all quad users here on this forum.

Also the injury rate for derby players is super high since they didn't know how to skate when starting(well like 90% it seems anyway)

Then you have the 2 year old skater teaching poor habits, like stomping an edge down hard at a 90 deg for a plow stop when the newbies aren't ready for the pressures and torque they need to resist. Boom broken stuff, dislocated knees, etc. Actually have seen seasoned long time skaters teaching bad techniques to fresh players. 3 ankle injuries in 1 class/clinic.

On topic....

Smaller wheels with thicker urethane on a smaller hub will help corner a bit better. This will also give you a lower ride height by 1/2 The decreased diameter. So 125mm down to 100mm will drop you 12.5mm or so, about 1/2 an inch.

This changes feel and feedback, as well as makes you feel less like you're "on stilts ".
Softer wheels aid in carving tighter circles in 2 ways, they grip more, and they compress easier, So when you apply a hard edge, the front wheels can deform a bit easier, helping the turning radius if one knows how to manipulate it.

Most good hockey skates use a 243 frame with 80mm wheels. I don't get sold on the 3 wheel vs 4 wheel crap Urban skates like most slalom skates are great for street hockey. Easily adaptable. I've played roller hockey at the rink in quads and inlines. Caught a puck to the soft leather boot of the quad before which sucked. A hardshell urban skate is more than sufficient for roller, even if using a plastic puck.

Actual hockey skate boots that they sell with inline chassis on them are annoying IMO. None of them have an articulating cuff and require heat moulding to get a good fit, as well as a skate key to really snug the laces up. PITA.

This may be a non issue in the newer powerslide models, it's been a long time since I had inline "hockey" skates on.

I did not see a weight comparison of their 3 wheel 110 wheels vs 4 80mm wheels. Nor did I check the price difference. A 4 wheel frame can be rockered with wheels, or come rockered (as in the frame itself is rockered.)

See if you can try a full hardshell hockey boot before committing to buying it. I like the articulated cuffs myself.
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