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Yes, good point by likkwid, which gets back to sk84luv's answer as well.
Rhythm/JB or jam?
I will defer to them with respect to a lower heel if you are more interested in jam.
(I've never done it.)
As far as the plates, I think that it was in fact a probe that I initially started with on the 120. I'd replaced the (nylon?) plate on the R3 with and Invader (which I think preceded the Avenger).
I put MagAvengers on the 120s after that.

I should say that part of the reason that I prefer the DA 45 is that my rink has a sport court floor, a form of tile. It gives quite a bit. I use softer wheels (~98 duro ?) which actually seem to roll better over the soft floor. The increased responsiveness of the plate helps compensate for interaction of the bigger, softer wheels and more irregularly supported floor (it has softer and harder spots).
Basically, there is a lot of give in the interaction of the skate and the floor. With a harder floor, you wouldn't need that much turn.

I think that the Roll line would be plenty responsive on a harder more uniform floor. From what I have read, plates like the Century are very popular in rhythm skating, they are 10 degrees. Go well with the floor and style. DA 45 would probably be squirrely on a hard floor. (I did it once on a wood floor with the R3 Invader set-up. Doable but maybe not the best.) 15 would be good, I think, right in the middle, tipping toward response.

And yeah, the 120 was a real surprise. Thick, rubber/foam/sponge type of lining: felt comfortable from the get-go. If anything, built more durably that the 297 and 220 - thicker leather. Maybe not as snug to the foot, but I've been really happy with it. Been my main skate for most of five years, and they are still in great shape. For the price, they are a really good buy.
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