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IMO, there is no reason to use an artistic boot for jam or shuffle skating. Save your money on buying new boots. The Roll-Line plate is a good idea, though.

It isn't natural for us to be walking around in high heels, so why are skate boots made with high heels. No one has ever given me a good reason.

Some people easily adjust to an artistic boot, some don't, and go back to low cut, low heel, no heel. I tried a friends jam boots, and continually felt as though I was going to fall backwards. In an art boot, you may feel as if you are going to face plant.

Another problem with high heeled boots is the development of Morton'e neuroma, and other foot pain.

I have artistic boots because when I started skating in 1989, those were all the rink had for sale.

Going from your current boot to an Edea, is quite a stretch.
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