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well if you are gearing up above 84mm frames, then i would be guessing that you probably want to prioritise speed above all else. to be honest, i can't really see a place for 90mm rockered frames. (84mm rockered frames could possibly still be used for people with huge feet using size 13-14 skates.)

the displacement of frames varies by frame and boots. some boots offer a vertical (along the direction of the foot) displacement.

the fundamental issue is that there IS an availability of <100 skates. because of this, the majority of people who have uninformed interest of the sport will end up in department stores purchasing one of these boots. if i were to hazard a guess, i would say most of the left out skates are impulse skates. in my opinion, it is literally impossible to target this market as skating do not get that much exposure in the general environment to begin with.

if you plan to compete in the entry level market, then i say you have a pretty good shot . the small number of people who trickle past the ****-department-skate filter usually run into another filter which is the price point of entry level skates hitting past the 200's.
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