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Default Thursday 07April2011

Hi All, BlackLace,

Well Adult Skate was pretty good. We only had a few beginner adults so the floor was safer than with too many newbies.

Amy, a young gal skate guard of a few years ago, Art Skater, Artist, was first playing around in the middle with the young guys doing one foot stuff and then when later bored was chasing a pretty good InLine guy that also likes his speed. He is our Siren Guy late in the session.

Had a Birthday cake for our buddy Tammy who is past 39 by a few. She is our talker and general liker of people. She is always so nice and soon her 2nd marriage will be 10 to a really good skater.

Ken had another crash this week with some of the gals. It was one of those slow things that just should not have happened to good skaters. I mean that is weird since he is so good yet this makes 3 weeks in a row that he has either fallen himself or crashed some gal. We laughed about it and the one gal showed her bruises due to Kenny.

I think the owner / DJ played some Reggae music and might not have known it or Just had a fling.

Several of the current regulars were missing.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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