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Well, today was a completely horrible off-day for me. I haven't been able to skate all week, so I'm out of tune. I went out to the same city with the parking lot, but instead of going there, I decided to try a bike trail that's close to it. To get to the trail, I had to park in a parking lot, but I didn't realize that the trail didn't start immediately after that. Instead, I first had to travel down the slight ramp into the parking lot, and I fell. (It leads into a busy road, so I was trying to be extra-cautious and failing.) Then there's a short sidewalk, and after the sidewalk, you have to go up a very bumpy private driveway before you get to the actual trail. I fell here too. Somewhere along the line I cut my arm, but I don't know where.

Anyway, once I got to the trail, my right leg was being really painful. I've had this pain before, and I tried adjusting the skate fit, but it didn't really help. Part of it might be because I hadn't skated all week. If that's the case, is there anything I can do on the days I can't skate to help keep my legs in shape so that they don't fall out on me on the days I can skate? Because of this pain, I wasn't able to go out too far onto the trail. It also felt like I had forgotten everything I'd learned since I started skating. Very disappointing. It was slightly easier coming back because it was on a very slight downhill, but I wish I could have stayed longer.

Then, to add insult to injury, I met up with a mother and daughter skating pair when I returned to the beginning of the trail and started taking my skates off. (I wasn't going to try skating those rough areas again. I was just going to walk them this time.) They weren't wearing a helmet or any pads, but then they took off like speed demons as though they've done this a thousand times before.
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