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I took my first spill yesterday, and it made me glad I was wearing my wrist pads. I would probably have some nice road burn now if I didn't have them.

I also went back to the empty parking lot this morning and spent most of my time practicing my posture and heel brake. By the end of my practice session, my posture was looking pretty good, judging from the doors of the empty shops which act as mirrors. But am I right that you're supposed to try to keep your weight centered on the heel of your foot? I tried doing this, and couldn't quite get it. I'm also having a time keeping my posture good the entire time I skate without stopping. It tends to start falling apart, but I guess I will get it with practice. Another question: which direction should your toes be pointed? Mine seem to point outward. Is this correct?

As for the heel brake, I'm still having difficulty learning it, but I did see some minor improvements today. I'd moved the brake to the left skate instead of the right, but the only real difference I noticed is that it seems to engage more quickly now than it did. Also, which foot is your weight supposed to be centered on while braking? I tended to push forward on the toe area a lot on my rear foot, but that made my foot sore. (I seem to be having a new pain every skating session. )

I also thought I might be asked to leave the parking lot this morning. My car was there and a cop must have seen it because I saw one pull in. (I was in a part of the lot where you couldn't immediately see me. I was afraid when he saw me that he might make me leave, but instead, he simply waved at me and drove off.
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