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Originally Posted by NWGlenn View Post
Maybe I'll see you in the center of a rink somewhere, sometime.
I just realized you are from Washington. About two weeks ago there was an older gray haired man skating at our rink that I had never seen before. He had light-up wheels. As is my nature, I had to go up and start a conversation, so I commented that his wheels looked like fireflies. He said, "I don't know what those are...we don't have those where I come from."

Long story short, the black corvette in the parking lot was his and he was from Washington and doing a skating rink tour! I've heard of some of the skaters on here doing that, but never met anyone that was.

So, Glenn, if you were at Roller Garden in Minnesota a few weeks ago, you did meet me and see me skating in the middle of the rink! (I know it most likely was not you...but I had to mention it...maybe you know the guy if he is from your rink!!)
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