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Originally Posted by CKS View Post
I'm looking to buy some new wheels, and I'm finding the selection a little overwhelming. I could use some advice. (The wheel threads I've read here are interesting and informative, but also old and somewhat outdated, as the overlap between them and what is currently offered for sale is not that big.)

I have a pair of size 11 vanilla blackmail skates with the original 100 mm wheels on them, though the frame supports 110s. I bought them used 3 or 4 years ago, and I've probably put 1500-2000 miles on them since then. The wheels are a little worn.

I want reasonably good wheels that don't cost that much, because I'm cheap, though price is not the most important factor. I want them to last a relatively long time, because I'm cheap and because I don't want to have to buy wheels again soon. I don't skate particularly fast or far (about 5-10 miles at a time and 9-10 mph), but I'm hoping to go farther and faster as my fitness improves. I'm 6', 190 lbs. I usually skate on asphalt that is not particularly smooth, either roads in my neighborhood or on a bike trail.

My current thinking is that any new wheel is going to be better than what I've got now, but if anyone has recommendations on particular wheels to consider or to avoid, I'd appreciate it. I'm leaning toward 110s; if you think this is a mistake, tell me so.
Avoid the cheap Powerslide Swell wheels that Inline Warehouse has been selling for the last year or so. They are cheap, which makes them tempting but they are misshapen, have lousy rebound, and don't even offer good grip to counter. Awful, awful wheels.

Atom Boom might be a good bet. I kind of like the 125mm version, even though they aren't fast. The hub seems disturbingly soft though and I'm 30lbs lighter than you.

Bont Mints might be the safest choice. Well made, good handling, good grip. I didn't find them terribly fast on my feet if you aren't racing that is not important.
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