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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
I got em all!!!! Yay me!!! Okay, but they still probably suck, either way I'm happy and really trying. Any advice for quickness? In rhythm skating we do them in a straight line (usually), or going around the middle circle. In figure skating they specifically do the turns on a lobe or on a figure eight. I'm confused however. I'll show you what I mean. I'm attaching a video of a beautiful young lady to give the example.

At 00:04 seconds she does what we called in ice skating a "right outside three turn" (she makes it a double by going back to front at 00:07). My rollerskating group calls these 3 turns "inside pivots." I'm okay with it, because when we do it in a straight line (instead of on a lobe) we use our inside edges to turn. So fundamentally they could be different???

Question for the "actual" figure skaters here, would 00:04 be called an outside or inside turn? I always called this an outside.

Then at 00:15 seconds she does a right inside 3 turn (also makes it a double).
However, my rhythm skating group calls these "outside pivots."

Then she does it all on her right foot.
I see what you mean. I see the artistic guys and girls do em at the rink. They are difficult if your balance isn't there.

As far as doing them fast, your balance and speed have to be correct and practice, practice, practice!
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