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As far as I remember the inner sole or foot pad in any of my Riedell boots was always a bare bones slap of cardboard like material. I kind of liked it that way. If felt like a no frills race car meant for handling and speed with all input from the plate getting immediatly transferred to my foot.

But that was just me. I did once do as Rick suggested and went to Walmart and got a pair of Dr. Scholls foot pads and trimmed them to the proper size. I hated it and pulled them out and put them in my regular shoes instead. I went back to the cardboard (I think it was really a very thin piece of piece of rawhide and not really cardboard). I was much happier with the boot when it was in the original condition. That original inner pad or sole or what ever it is called does last a long time so that is why I think it's not cardboard and most likely a very thin hardened hide.
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