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Originally Posted by Jazzy View Post

Only downfalls are that they come from the factory with Metric toe stops and 7mm axles which can make spares for bearings and toe stops hard to find. I think you may be able to order them with standard threads and 8mm axles now but I'm not 100% on that.

I highly recommend them.
They are available with 8MM axles now. The toe stop is easily tapped to SAE threads.

I have skated Arius and Roll line. The Arius is lighter and worked well for me. They felt similar to a DA45 plate in many ways. The toe stop breakage issues and ont being able to better adjust the trucks were my only concerns, not for me, but Arius is a legit option for many.

Roll line plates are really excellent. It is hard to describe why I like them so much. The only words that come to mind are quality and precision. They just "feel" well made.
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