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Originally Posted by ajasen View Post
So could someone please summarize the differences between the following wheels as far as their suitability for different surfaces/uses:

Atom Boom (MPC compound)
Atom Boom Magic (has the MPC compound but stiffer mpc hub??)
MPC Turbo (the road war outdoor version)
MPC Road War Evolution
MPC Black Magic (same as evolution with stiffer hub???)

Is the Atom Boom pretty much the same as the Road War Evolution?
And the Boom Magic pretty much the same as the MPC Black Magic?

MPC can make a really good compound, but their marketing falls short as far as differentiating between models and changes over time! Not to mention rebranded wheels by other companies.

You can add the Bont Red Magic to this group. Before Northshore I searched the net for info on these wheels (excluding the Turbo which I believe is an older generation wheel and the Atom Boom Magic which I've never heard of until now). Here is the best guess from what I found on the internet (remember what Abraham Lincoln said about the internet). The only difference is supposedly the hubs. The RW Evolution has a softer hub than Black Magic. Bont Red Magic have the same MPC hub in red and they say they made it stiffer so I assume it is closer to a Black Magic hub than RW Evolution. Atom has their own hub. Based on this info, what I could find in stock, and prices, I purchased Atom Boom XF and Red Magic XF. I tested them at the same time with left/right skates. As I recall, I was happy with both, but the atom felt a little stiffer and I preferred the grippier Red Magic. I also found the Atom Boom had visible wear while the Red Magic were still like new after my test chasing bikes.

FYI, in the past I recall seeing Francisco of MPC skate with a mix of RW Evolution and Black Magic. This year at NY 100K, it looked to me like his wheels had a different hub - I guessed this must have been a new MPC prototype, but maybe I just didn't get a close enough look and I'm totally wrong.

Going back to the original question of wheels for A2A if wet (it's looking dry now!), I'd agree with stealthsports and niko. If Boom are an option, then I've heard they are nearly as fast as G13 but work very well in the rain. My testing which showed faster wear may indicate why you get grip in the rain. This difference makes no sense to me since the urethane is supposedly identical to the other MPC poured wheels. I thought the only difference was supposed to be the hub. If your options are limited to MPC, then the RW Evolution makes sense, though I suspect you might be happiest with mixing in some Black Magic in the middle for more roll. As stealthsports mentioned, MPC hold their own in the rain. Just don't do what I did last year and go with G13 F0 and hope for dry pavement. I called it quits at stone mountain after slipping around for too many of the 70 miles.
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