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WhySixB, I have struggled with lower back pain for a number of years but recently it has improved to the point that the twinges and spasms are the exception rather than the rule now. I put this down to skating generally, and strengthening my core specifically. However I found that warming up and doing light stretches for the lower back eased the way. I asked a fellow user several years back on SLF (who also taught yoga) and she replied with this:

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I start on hands and knees and do cat stretches (arching the back, belly to the floor with the inhale -- back bending -- and then rounding, spine toward the ceiling) for about 8-10 rounds.

Then I do downward dog -- which is an upside down V shape. Don't worry about things like "heels touching the floor" just open it up so that it's nice and wide, and bend your knees. Slowly "pedal" your legs bending the right knee and pressing the left heel down, then switching. Do this a number of times. Keep it slow, and keep it "soft" -- meaning don't push hard into the stretch, just nice and light. That will put it in the muscle and keep it out of the tendon.

come back down to hands and knees, and bring your right foot forward between your hands. make sure your knee is right over your ankle. This is meant to be a gentle lunge. you might slide the back leg back a bit, and don't go too deep. stay up high and softly, with the breath, lower the hips toward the floor/heel.

Everything slow and gentle and modified.
...I still carry these exercises out and find them beneficial.


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