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1. toe touch stretches in the morning and before you skate
2. on your belly and use your hands to curve your body up .. kind of like a push up but you don’t take your hips off the ground.. stretches your stomach and back
3. Planks for core strengthening…but any plank lasting more than 60 seconds loses effectiveness so do more of them rather than longer ones
4. Oddly enough a truss belly belt helps with posture (found that out when I got my hernia)
5. Lose weight
6. roll your shoulders back when you skate to keep good posture
7. Sit with good posture and that will translated to built skills and muscles for good posture skating
8. Ice when you get home, heat when you get up
9. Stop smoking (it constricts small veins)
10. Bend your knees more when skating and keep your shoulders over your hips.
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