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Well I got my Landroller Mojos last week and the first ride was interesting. Skating forward was pretty much the same though they almost felt like they were sticky to the ground. Turning was a tad trickier to get used to. On normal blades you can turn sharp while mainly keeping all the wheels one the ground, mostly just a weight shift. On this I had to actually go to one wheel on each skate to get the same turning.

*edit* I think they feel sticky (best word I can think of to describe it) because of the out of line wheels.

The second time out I went ahead and road the highway that caused so much vibration in normal skates. It was an amazingly smooth ride compared to my inlines. Turning is fine and comfortable once I got used to it. As far as other terrain it would be fine over gravel except for the brake. It's like a centimeter off the ground and when skating backword I almost biffed it on a tiny little pebble on the road . I'm sure that will be better once the break wears down a bit but for now, skating backwords is a nono.

As for the boot, it was a bit tight at first but after 2 more rides in em the stuffing is easing up a bit. I wear a 9.5 and I got 10's. My feet get sore after about a mile, but it feels like it's just the muscle getting used to skating again. The skate feels much more solid than it looks in the pictures and the wheels are quite a bit bigger than you'd think from pictures, they really do look like your wearing waggons on your feet :0). But it's a fair trade off to be able to skate again.

Just before I went out the last time when checking that all the screws were tight and such I did notice one of the bolts holding the brake bar on were really loose. Couldn't tighten it so I took it off and found that the tube nut that the bar screws into the boot is broken in half. Probably won't know if this is a common problem for awhile, but I have to wait till tomorrow to call in to find out what I have to do to get it fixed. Hopefully I can just send in the base of the skate for replacement and not the entire skates, I guess we'll see.

Overall I'm happy with them, they are by no means a speed skate and if you want to go fast, don't even bother. But I got them for exercise and fun and they work great for that. I am a bit disappointed in the nut breaking as I still don't know how long this will put them out of commission. I don't feel at all comfortable enough to ride them without the break. I haven't relearned any other methods of stopping with them yet.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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