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Default I don't get it..

How did this post turn into something to do with racism? I used to enjoy this site sometime back. But it seems like 98% of the replies come from the same 5 or 10 people , am I right? Not that I dislike them, I'm just saying.

As for weed, I have never found it to be a problem in the rink. First I thought it would be, like this is nuts. But when it comes to getting hurt, kids, inexperience and alcohol that are the biggest problems I think. That and crap people drop on the floor, poorly maintained skates that fall apart, and rinks that don't sweep even after a know problem.

Weed: People usually don't keep doing things that are making them fall, everyone is afraid of getting hurt, or you should be right?

Most people who smoke weed have been doing it for many years, they know how it affects their skate. Some people are actually better with weed!

I don't smoke it anymore there, but I tried it. It so insignificant compared to other problems, like nothing!
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