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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
The stupid never stops.
Let's start over.
"I install my kingpins using red loctite"
That's all we need, that's exactly what we're discussing.

Don't use loctite for kingpins.

Then the double then the quadruple emphasis of red loctite for kingpins, I can't stop stupid that's already stupid, but I can contribute to stopping more stupid by others that are mislead.

Obviously there's only one red loctite kingpin user here, hopefully, bad advice causes injury, and these two trolls just keep adding to the stupid.
Would you listen for once? The original reply he made here was to illustrate the holding power of red loctite. Nothing more. His example happens to be using red loctite on kingpins, but what he used it for is rather irrelevant. His whole point was that it would even stand up to just threading a kingpin into a plate nd letting it cure, so it would be more than enough for affixing a loose axle as well.


Mechanically speaking. Theres nothing wrong with what fierocious1 did with his kingpins. It's no different than using a jam nut that would stabilize/immobilize a kingpin in a baseplate. It wont lead to any increase in failure rate of the kingpins. In fact it would likely reduce it.
Considering there is more room for the suspension to be compliant with how the plate is leaned over. This would reduce leverages on the kingpin because there would be more room with tallercones/barrels before the suspension started to see significant ramp up, which is the primary contributor to breaking kingpins.

You seem to want to believe doing what he has done to his plates will increase failure potential, which is not true.

The only thing that would be problematic is if/when they do break, is getting the old ones out. But that has nothing to do with increasing or decreasing the durability of his setup.
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