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Originally Posted by Slim M View Post
Greetings all, I'm Manasseh AKA "Mansah B" or Slim M. 24 year old male out Northern Virginia. Joined the forum back in June but never got around to posting due to a lot of obligations and me somewhat forgetting I had an account
But nevertheless; I've always known how to skate since I was a child, but didn't get serious with it until 2016 or so. So I'm only 3 years in the game. (still consider myself a rookie personally)

Currently I'm sporting a Riedell 172 Boot with Powerdyne Reactor Neo plates and Fomacs freestyles with 1 vanathane wheel on the front right of each boot. Right now I can only afford to skate once maybe twice a week if I'm lucky. Since I'm in college, money is kind of tight and I don't have much time, but once I graduate and become a little stable, I plan on going much more often.

Will be trying to post here and contribute a little more often than I did before. This forum always had an answer to my curiosity when I was trying to understand the styles and equipment of skating before I was a member. (Wheels, bushings, preferred truck alignment, boot preference etc.etc.)

Anyway, thanks for having me guys!
Welcome to the boards and enjoy, contribute when u can
Ciao Rick
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