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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Ok. In your original reply to this thread you mention about using it and it should be plenty to stabilize an axle in the truck housing.

It seemed like you were giving an example of your use and that its strength did well for that even without a jam nut, so it will hold the OP's axle on the truck just fine.

Essentially you used your own setup as an example of its capabilities for achieving a stabilized part.

That's what I got from your original reply.
Yes, a kingpin gets a lot more abuse than an axle. Tension from cushions being compressed, side loads and loads from from and all of it happening rapidly in short cycles. An axle only gets side loading and loads that try to bend the axle. Used properly as you explained earlier, making sure red loctite coats the area of the axle that is in the bore of the truck and the truck bore as well, it is well within the limitations of the product. The axle would be stable and useable for quite some time IMO. Under derby use parts break no matter what you do.
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