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Hi hoohoorjoo,

I've been doing this since the late 50's, traveling with my parents. And since then all thru my adult years. That's how I've managed to find over 160 Rinks all across the USA.

The latest one was in Ft Collins, Co. just 2 mo's ago. I had planed to hit up a couple more on our way home thru Wy, and Nebraska, but I took a bad Fall (walking) in Yellowstone Pk, and that took me off walking for a time. Hope to be back on Skates by Xmas.

Take them (Skates) wherever you go, just in case the opportunity presents itself.

297's on Centurys, 220's on Snyder Advantage, BackSpin 95's, Bones 97's, 98's, 101A's, Skating 65+yrs & still Rollin at 73+. Great Lifetime Hobby to have !
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