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I prefer to not be on anything.

I've seen dangerous skaters on pot, and dangerous skaters from being drunk. Though the ones on pot who were dangerous were actual regular skaters I knew, the ones who were drunk were the one offs at a party when I visited Roller Jam USA. Both are equally a threat as safety goes when one does a poor job of correctly administering a dose and then skating above their capacity.

I dont typically like people who are "high". Got a few friends who self medicate with it(pot) that dose responsibly and correctly, no issues there though. However, the vast majority of people smoking are just trying to get WAY jacked up(high as fvck). Granted, they aren't trying to hurt anyone, but they dont have the same observational ability when high as they do sober, so their capacity for safety while skating hard is not there like it normally would be.

The wife is allergic to that ish. She can't be around it at all.
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