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Originally Posted by cjj View Post
I'm buying my first pair of skates in about 30 years. Wanting to keep $200 or less. I've looked at quite a few Beach Bunnies, Candi Girls, Sure Grips, Impalas. The Beach Bunnies feel the sturdiest. The boot isn't comfortable, though. I wear an 8 in womens, so according to website ordered 7 in the skates. My toes are at the end and because the boot is stiff, they don't feel very comfortable. Is this normal or should I get an 8? I don't want to wait for another order to come in the mail as we don't have many nice days left outside.
Stick with skate companies with history. A lot of skates that have cool names are just junk. Sure grip has been around a long time.
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