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Default Update

Thought I would update everyone on this. It was an interesting ride. First off I emailed Sure Grip (the maker of the toe stop) and Riedell (the maker of the plate). To my surprise Sure Grip did not respond, but Riedell did and offered to remove the stop for me for free!

I got them back a few days ago. They look perfect. Not sure what he did, but there isn't a mark on them. Turns out the toe stops where defective. A thread on the stem had come off and got stuck. The threads on both stops where very rough. I should have looked them over better.

I did eventually hear from Sure Grip. They were not at all helpful. He kept interrupting me and talking over me with what was clearly rehearsed generic pat answers. He tried to blame me, blame the plates, everything but actually listening to what I had to say.

I even had a short written note from Riedell saying it was the toe stop that cause the issue, but they wouldn't even admit there was a possibility that the product might have arrived to me damaged.

So I won't be buying from Sure Grip again.

Going to make a youtube video about it. I'll post it later.
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