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Default Riedell 911 vs 395

So Iíve owned an OG pair of 911s. They were great skates and I am planning to get a second pair. The changes from the OG got me looking into other models though. Has anyone here used the 911s and the 395s? Which did you like better and why? I enjoy session skating but also speed. I think either of these skates will be fine for both. The questions I have are mostly about comfort, durability and things of that nature. But anything else you have to add would be helpful too.

The 911s leather was fairly stiff. Even after years of constant use, not too bad but I did usually wear ankle protection (neoprene).

Also Does anyone know anything about the different colors affecting the stiffness of the leather? Iíve heard this from other users. Mine are the Caribbean OG blues. I had heard the red was more stiff from other posts. The 395s appear to be softer from videos Iíve seen, but this may just be due to the thickness of the leather.

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