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Originally Posted by Kennii View Post
Thanks for the replies!

I think I'd rather go for a leather boot like the Riedell 120.
The Riedell 120 Celebrity has the nylon thrust plate and outdoor wheels (I think they are 78A).

I'm thinking of getting these. Might change the wheels for something slightly harder later. I'm around 65kg so I'm guessing the nylon plate is fine for now. I'll probably upgrade the plate at some point in the future but I'd rather spread the cost out. If I'm ordering from the US I'm sure there will be a customs charge anyway.
Similar to what I started with although I skate indoors so I went for the Riedell Uptown, purchased from for $161 after a 10% discount (eep an eye out, this discount comes and goes). As I mentioned I used an importer to reship to the UK. Had to pay postage from the shipping service (MyUS, approx $30) and VAT (no duty but you do have to pay VAT on the invoice price and the postage cost) but still cheaper than buying from a UK supplier.

After a couple of months I upgraded the wheels to Bones Elite 101a and was getting to much flex from the nylon plate so changed to a metal one, but they are a great skate, and as a reasonable quality leather boot it's not a waste of money to upgrade. As you noted at 65kg you probably won't notice the flex in the plate like a heavy fella like me does!
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