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Hi. My (real) name is Julien. I have been inline skating for 20 years. I started when I was a student with some friends, we would practice occasionnaly just for fun. A few years later I joined the staff of the Friday Night Skate in Toulouse (France). I met a lot of great people and started skating more, several times a week. Beside the Friday night skate we would also play hockey, do some freestyle slalom and speed skating. I participated in my first races (3 times in the 24 hours of Le Mans) and became more interested in long distances. Then I moved to Brisbane (Australia) and could not really find people to skate with over there. I continued skating by myself once a week for the 8 years I was there. I came back in France in 2016 in the Paris area and quickly found a new group to skate with on a weekly basis. Unfortunately I live too far out to go regularly to the Paris Friday night skate. I have participated in a few marathons and 3 100+ km races/rides (namely Rhine on Skates, Trans'Oise and Rollathlon). I am relocating to Richmond, VA next month and hope to be able to continue skating and meet people to skate with. I have already heard about the Virginia Capital Trail which looks very nice! I hope to complete a full return trip on it some day.

I also intend to get new skates when I arrive in the US so any advice on (online) shops is appreciated.
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