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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
I wasn't sure where to post a "hello," but I see this is the most current thread, so I'm going off topic a little bit. I live in Poughkeepsie and skate at Rollermagic too! I'm sure you've tried Wooden Wheel and Skatetime 209. Those are the other local spots. It's great to see a local skater! Welcome back.

Come say hi! I have the same skates as your daughter, only bright blue suede, you'll see me and my son, he's 18 and used to be the manager of Rollermagic (he's on blades). We always set up cones in the middle to practice slalom. If your wife needs a pair of blades, but not sure which kind, I have about 5 different pairs she could try on (various sizes) they are always in my trunk.

About the jam plug. Applause! Better to start out and get used to one thing, rather than try to switch it up and risk getting hurt. With jam plugs, you have a lot more room to play. Cheers!
Didn't know if there was anyone on the forum who was local, that's great to hear!!

We didn't really like Wooden Wheels so much... their rentals were horrible and the floor looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while. Even worse was the kids on those blasted triangle thingies, going in every direction... it was a challenge dodging them. Then the parents/adults kept crossing the floor while we were trying to skate...

We didn't stay there very long, certainly less than a half hour.

Haven't been to 209 yet... but it is on the list of rinks to visit. Yesterday we went to Rollarama in the Albany area, then went to Guptill's for ice cream and got to see that rink with the lights on and people on the floor. But my wife and daughter want to return there to skate!

My wife really appreciates the offer of the skate trial. Thank you!

I'll be at Roller Magic on Wednesday night... daughter starts school the next day and my wife will be knitting, so I will be on my own!

Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Getting mixed messages, you state she want's to start artistic skating after saying numerous times she doesn't want to learn artistic skating?

Anyway, as you're located where there may be ice rinks, why not go try one, ice skates are way lighter and learning to skate on ice is fun, after learning on ice roller skating is simple, all the same moves in slo-mo, slo-mo because the heavy skates slow your motions.

And...learning with toe stops would be safer, after learning how to run on them and to jump and turn backwards at speed and screech to a halt, two moves for safety, then going to jam plugs might make sense.

Wrist guards will save young wrists.
Sorry I was a bit confusing.... my daughter is not interested in ROLLER artistic skating, but she is very interested in Figure Skating on ICE.

She has her own reasons for this, we asked her why and she stated that the roller skating was for her enjoyment, she wasn't interested in taking lessons or stressing about it.

Yes, she is planning on taking lessons for Figure Skating...

Wrist guards will be on the list of stuff to get!

Again thank you for your advice, help and input.
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