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If skating with Jam plugs is what she wants to do, then best to let her have them while she's learning, that way she doesn't get into bad habits (using toe stops at full pelt backwards). I skated 27 years with toe stops, then made the transition to jam plugs, it was like learning to skate again. My 10 year old son put jam plugs in for the first time last week after having months on toe stops. He fell once or twice, but it's so worth getting used to jam plugs to have the freedom on your toes. On the other hand, I got my 18 year old daughter onto Jam plugs after 10 years of skating, only a few months ago. she was terrified to start with, as she'd already developed bad (toe stop) habits, she's got much more confidence now, but does still frighten herself at times. To help her with the transition though, I did cut a portion of her toe stop away with a hack saw, so she could get used to a higher toe stop for a while. Hope this helps
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