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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Well, that's an opinion, doesn't make a word of it correct, but it's an opinion.

Couldn't care less about the weight of an arius or powerdyne, but a boen short plate weight would be nice.

A boen 5 degree plate isn't going to be effected by speed, it's going to be faster because it can be placed further forward when stepping down, allowing for a longer stroke, true for ice and inline blades, longer is faster because the toe is longer offering a longer stroke when pushing.

Roller skates have always been speed dominated by short forward.

Real roller skates.
Then why are they so damn slow? If they dominate oh so well.. bwa hha. Skated with a lot of people on short forward mounts, they're always getting left in the dust

The only relevant point you remotely touch on is a forward front axle. The rear doesnt matter that much, however, if you're doing a double push stroke on quads, on a short plate, it's not going to go all that well, the carve speed vs stride cadence doesn't work the same and your max speed wont be as good. Or maybe all the short forward guys suck at skating and cant time their strides right? I dunno you Mike the call <- banter with your name on it

Look up boens, their weights arent all that great considering they dont even have a toestop boss. Hell if I wanted a light NTS, I'd just have the boss off a Red Arius. The NTS is heavier.

While we are on weights, plate weights mean almost nothing vs wheel weights. Huge difference. Like adding weight to a broomstick you're holding in a hand. Put weight close to the hand, no big deal(plates and boots) put that increase at the end like a wheel, big issue. Peak foot velocity is changed, top sprint speed is what suffers.

What's funny to me is you're one to talk about speed in quads while you slather lotion on your feet to "reduce friction" I guess you cant be fast if your foot is an adult playing twister drenched in baby oil...
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