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Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
Mr. Fierocious1,

I am totally with you on the long plates, but why did you cut down the wheel diameter? Wheelbite? Weight savings? Faster startup speed? Prefer the feel of smaller diameter?

My preference is to go as big as the plates will allow, and bigger diameter for top speed. What's the ding dang deal?
They were very heavy. Also the big radius on the back side of the wheel moved the tread to the outside. The face is where all the weight is that could be eliminated. So when the face is cut back to the hub you lose app 7 % of the weght. But this makes for a very narrow tread. So diameter gets cut down just enough to get tread width back. I stopped at 73mm. I don't have much issue with boot bite, I can raise the boots easily if needed. I lost app 10% total weight, kept the tread width.

If the wheels had been made without the back side radius, I would have only cut off the outside face to remove extra weight.

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