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Default Couples / Ballroom Skating

I like this discussion because I'm now trying to learn this couples skating style called ballroom skating. It's a smooth, rhythmic groove that's catching on nation-wide. I have included some links for your viewing pleasure, tell me what you think? Any and All Responses Welcomed!!!

Advice: The men "Should" be the stronger skater and very comfortable with balance and as Oicusk82huh pointed out: FOCUS ON THE ARM POSITION. Secondly, the men should ask the lady unless she's a stronger skater/teacher.

Back in the days we (men) asked, and asked, and not being afraid of rejection we enjoyed skating couples for years and years. Nowadays, men are scared to ask and women are waiting....It's not about being Mr. Smooth Operator or Casanova, and it's not about wanting or trying to date. It comes down to finding, wanting and making friends with something in common.

Don't let the desire of wanting to learn different styles stop you. Step out your "Comfort-Zone", you never know the outcome.
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