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Originally Posted by GLiB View Post
I would love an outside quad forum!
Thanks in advance,
I second this! I'm 100% outdoors in my skating.
Originally Posted by GLiB View Post
Quads outside is challenging for sure. But most things worth doing aren't easy. So put on some Krypto Rte 70s and hit the trails. The derby girls around here swear it's the quickest way to improve your skating. And the looks from the bicyclists are priceless.
Have Fun,
Yeah, skating outdoors in difficult conditions (that's 99+% that I face!!!) will improve your skating. You have to be 100% committed at all times or you will lose it. It's taken me years and years but I have some real chops now. I manage. I skate in faith. Most of my skating, though, is over routes that I know super well because I've skated them a ton of times. Still, you have to have your eyes open and expect the unexpected. A guy I met very early in my skating told me, I'll never forget: "There's a rock out there with your name on it." I've been on the lookout for that rock ever since.
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