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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
I do not think the spoke holes or the slots are going to compromise the hub strength in any serious way, as long as the bearing spacing shoulder in the ID goes all the way around the hub.

The main places to be concerned about are those that would see some flexing with each revolution.
The millions of cyclic loading cycles that wheel hubs experience make it imperative that stress does not concentrate too much at any one point. If it does and the flexing amplitude gets to great, then fatigue cracking failure will be inevitable.

This was why I advised eliminating the weight saving sharp corner slot cuts in the bearing spacing shoulder, since they clearly would form a stress riser at the end of the curved slots.

Hi, thanks again.

At this moment Iīm changing the design to make a full circle instead of a split circle in the bearing spacing shoulder.

And Iīm considering keeping the three spokes with holes add a slot (cut) in the outside part of hub of 4mm wide for 1,2 deep more or less,
considering that the bearing spacing shoulder has 7.5mm

Itīs like you can see in Second V3 Design. I donīt know if this cut and also keeping the three holes spoke could be compromise the strenght of hub?

And will be a zone without contact with the tire but I think that this itīs not a problem.

My idea is to print this design in a 3D printer to test, by example, if the bearing seat correctly, if the hub mount correctly in Scott and Original Deano Tires, etc, before make the final CNC 6061 ALU version.

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