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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
You 3-spoke design seems rather elegant yet adequately sturdy.

Other than reduced weight, what is the purpose of the bearing spacer internal rib being split into three segments? The amount of weight saved seems too little for the extra machining required.

I would prefer that it go all the way around for better cylindrical stiffening and structural integrity.

Hi, Armadillo, thanks for your suggestions.

Do you think itīs better make this 3 spokes solid without a central hole to add strength?

The only purpose of split the bearing spacer itīs saving weight but I think you are right and itīs better make a complete circle instead of a split circle to save machining time.

Iīll change soon the design.

If I make this 3 spokes solid, I can make a deep cut in outside part of hub to save weight, like you see in: Second V3 Design.

Do you think itīs a good idea?

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