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Smile Hey I don't know if this applies, but....

I was watching a religious program the other day. It was Easter.

And this prostitute or adulterer was caught in the act. Very bad.

So the crime for this kind of action was stoning to death.

1) So Jesus says "for any of you that have not sinned please pick up a stone and stone this woman to death". You would figure out of all these men who were willing to stone this prostitute to death, they would gladly raise a stone and throw it with all their might and kill the woman.

2) Amazingly not one of these men would admit to being a sinner. In fact the bible says if you sin in your heart/lust after a woman in the mind, it's just as bad as doing it in person. Well, there is no hope for me either...LOL!

3) Jesus picks up the lady's hand and says "Go and sin no more". I have a feeling the woman sinned no more.

Larry O and God bless you all.
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