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I'm a skateboarder that's been skating parks for about 30yrs. The problem is that we know when to go and when to wait. It's almost telepathic. I haven't witnessed anything like it by any other sport on wheels. Scooters just wander around until you run into one. Bmx(which I love) have pegs that ruin the coping. Also it really hurts to run into handlebars. Skateboarders do tend to use an entire section during a run. We fly from one section to another only to find someone standing around or trying to skate their way out of a bowl after they fell. If you're not skateboarding you're most likely going to get in the way and ruin the session. I guess you could just make a rollerblade park and say no skateboarding.When a good session is going down we really don't want other things with wheels on it to just be wondering around. Just because we're not over there doesn't mean that we won't be very soon. So if the park was designed for skateboarding by skateboarders then it is what it is. We still run into each other and it hurts. Just don't shoot the messenger. I'm only helping y'all understand. Btw... I rollerskate,bmx and skateboard. So I'm not hating.
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