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I hate to be negative, but I think part of the lack of participation on here is representative of what the races are experiencing. I really feel like the outdoor events, especially, are struggling to find the numbers. And, thus, you don't have a lot of people on here talking about them.

I love skating...I still skate many days a week, but I haven't done a race in over a year. While I want to support the races, I just have other priorities and even other interests right now. This is such a lame excuse, but it just gets old traveling 10+ hours to race a few times a year. When I skate, I skate by myself...and, that also gets old. Every time I go out to skate, I thoroughly enjoy it, but it's just gotten tougher to keep my competitive juices flowing (because I'm always alone). I have to think other skaters are experiencing the same thing.

We have this conversation every year on here, and I'm not sure what it will take to get the participation up. Apostle is one of the best events in the country and the participation (there) is only so-so. Granted, that event conflicts with ODN, but if Apostle can't grow at a record pace, I'm not sure what event can. Part of me thinks there needs to be more events centrally located. But, when you look at races like Chicago, they don't necessarily get great participation either. I sort of think we need to bring back NROC and focus on a few really great events every year that are scattered across the country. To me, the Minnesota races, which are some of the biggest and only events, are becoming almost entirely local - meaning, most of the participants are from the area. We need to have more races where there is a better national presence. That's what keeps Duluth at the top - people are traveling from all over to participate. Somehow we need to start pulling skaters from states other than Minnesota in larger numbers. I don't have the answer, but I think losing events like Texas Road Rash and others has hurt us. There's even less attention on the Canada events. I remember when the Montreal inline marathon was a huge event. Now, I don't even know if it exists.

Again, I don't have the answers, but we need to figure out something.
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