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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
There is no world. Only Mort.
The world is a bunch of perspectives, the OP can choose whatever they want. I at least give valid reasons for my preferences.

Purpose built skates arent good for a person looking for a general all purpose skate. That's one of my main gripes against SF/DA45. People tend to push the rear axle beyond the bodys natural pivot points.

Also I'm not a fan of bont soles. Too stiff. That's good for racing, but session or all purpose skating, leather is far better, it allows for much easier slide control...But people hardcore push bont, my session skates dont grip as well as when I put on my redline boot or the bont I tried on them, but the control I have is insane in my vanilla.

People can try whatever they like, enjoy what they like, but to just sit around an praise a type of mount, plate, boot. Etc is blind. I dont reccomend arius plates much after I wrecked my original. They require modifications to keep from getting messed up and people to understand certain mechanical aspects to really make use of them. Everyone in my crew pretty much uses them now. We all have fixed axis pin sleeves into the trucks, shims on the plates, indexed axis pins, trimmed cushions, and some of us, modified axles. I still think they are the best basic design, but they missed the mark from an engineering standpoint.

Too much rigidity in a newer skaters setup will lead to complications in learning slides. Far too often a newish skate who can barely t stop or plow is given a racing level skate when they should be on a rather crappy skate by comparison. Lesser skates usually slide out easier, and are far easier to control, require less break in, and didnt break the bank for something they may not like. An easy fix for 7mm plates is to put axle sleeves on and use 8mm bearing to encourage slop in the assembly which aids in slide initiation and control. Once a skater has that dialed in they can go back to the tighter fit of 7mm bearings.
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