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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
Roofie - how about if you've not got anything to contribute to the actually forum topic, you don't contribute at all. Agreed? Excellent.
Hes mad cause I called him out on another post, hes gotta troll the skate posts because I dont spend my time sh!tposting in the off topic area.

While I typically refrence myself, a local skater(s) with the same setup and style as me is also not lacking agility due to their plate length. Just prefer to use myself as the example instead of speaking like " I know a guy". Dont want to talk on their behalf when they arent even interested in this chat.

What one should take away from my post is that it doesn't matter what gear you really have, skill will dictate performance of that gear, and show its limitations as well. A 50$ skate isnt going to let you skate quite as fast nor as long as a very well made speed skate, but if you work on yourself, elite skill and athletic prowess will let you hang with those skaters who own high end gear. Most of us can put on rentals at a rink and bust just about everyone.

Our(friends and myself) problem with forward mounted short plates is that you comprise rearward stability in favor of minute agility at low speeds, and virtually no increase at higher speeds, just to have a skate that typically ends up being a handful to control. So one cant skate warp 9 all session long without stabilizing muscles being fatigued.

Everything is a compromise.

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9 AND FINALLY, when Mort gets to your, he criticizes. YOUR form or athleticism is the problem.

Mort in a nutshell.
Sorry, not gonna sugar coat it, people with less physical ability just arent going to skate as well with equivalent skates and skill. I didnt say his or anyone's form in particular, just if you feel you MUST have a SF mount to make a skate turn you might have some issues with yourself and want to blame it on gear. Which seems to be pretty common.

The only thing that sucks with our builds is they're fast, so the same shuffle pump speed requires us to roll a few mph faster than someone with a shorter wheelbase snyder royal plate. So getting in a shuffle line with other people always feels like I'm about to run them over. Making that worse is the person in front of you is a wind break lol
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