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Default Sorry guys.

F short plates.

"Turning" ... yet to see anyone out corner me even when I had a 193mm wheelbase on a size 10 vanilla freestyle. My foot is 283mm in length.

My current plate size is 186 IIRC. Its 1 size down from the original. What difference did it really make? Nothing other than the rear leverage point makes it easier to ride a wheelie, much like a forward mount will make skills like grapevine, spins and other toe work more difficult.

I prefer my rear axle centered up under my heel, it makes the pivoting feel natural, as if barefoot, so adjustment of pivoting from on foot to skates is near zero.

Most of my shoes have a small heel rise, but it's not enough to affect the balance aspect

Almost everyone I skate with are all on longer mounts. Essentially a forward mount with a closer to normal heel position. We adjusted our suspension to suit, aaaannnnddd All is well.

Imo if you need your plate to turn more, and you have to go to a short wheelbase to accomplish this.., maybe your skating form or athleticism is the problem?

Many times I've seen these "short forward" plates people roll and it tends to prevent them from really getting a good lean in, with not just their body, but the plate lean as well.

The primary factor in how a skater can turn is the skater, not some hack job bandaid fix of cutting down an inch of wheelbase for negligible results.

Just my thoughts. Lol
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