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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
But is there a reason everyone else has the rear axle under the heel?
If you look closer you will see that their plate goes almost from toe to heel. It's the only way most of those plates could be mounted.

OTOH if your plate is shorter than the length of the boot sole it more important that you locate the front axle in a bio-mechanically optimal location.

Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
For me it improved my balance, before the change I was falling backwards too much.
That is because you have bad form.

There are no extra points awarded for standing up straight when on skates. Quad skates work better with more weight on the front wheels than back which dictates a slightly forward leaning athletic stance. Kind of like running. You can't run well on your heels.

Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
For a session/basic art skater, why would I want a short forward mount?
Because it's more fun. A shorter wheelbase gives more tuning ability, think Mini vs F150.

If you want to have a plate pushed back all the way to the heel you likely need a longer plate. However there are few here that have found that as fun. As Doc says "you can learn to skate anything". In my opinion there is much fun to be found with a shorter, more responsive, wheelbase. There is a mechanical reason that front axle placement should be where you can get maximum big toe push. Falling down a few times until you get the hang of how your body was designed to function isn't the worst thing in the world.

This forum use to be more thoughtful. For an example a wonderful post by Gle8 Show your work. Worth a read.

Above all have fun!

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