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Originally Posted by Poobah View Post
What Darkjester said.

There were also a fair number of people who didn't exactly get the meaning of "alphanumeric." Or who assumed that they could have a symbol in there (legal at either end if it's 2" or smaller, never allowed in the middle).

I believe that the exact wording was put in due to some feedback they got from a friend of mine. Some of the countries that derby is spreading to use different alphabets with letters that don't exist "over here." Deutschland and Oesterreich have (double s), and there's vowels with umlauts.

Damn those Americans and Brits for trying to shut everyone else down! Nah, it's about referees not having to suddenly call out a letter they aren't familiar with. There are or were a couple of groups trying to form derby teams in Russia. I haven't heard much about them, I suspect it was still in the "attempting to recruit skaters" stage. Cyrillic is a whole other alphabet!
There's actually no problem with Cyrillic and Latin - in Russia we use Latin for our derby names
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