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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
How many wheels, and what sort, did you use up?
I use Labeda Asphalt wheels, 85A. My skates use 80s up front and rear, 76 in the middle. I never rocker them for distance of course, and most of my freestyle slalom sessions are inside on a wood floor = zero wear.

I get about 1000 good miles out of a set of wheels. Mine also wear down squarely, not pointy except at the very start of wear. I can push them to 1500 miles but crashing from losing an edge goes way up by then.

Hey, at least I don't play hockey anymore. Could go through three sets of wheels in ONE DAY on asphalt! But I used to get factory blems with no labels for $1 each. Those were the days!

My new quads will save me some $$$ on wheels. They last almost forever. Adding the quads and longboards to my rotation I only have to put new wheels on the blades about once a year. Around $60 US.
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